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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH


Fangirl Challenge + [2/10] Friendships:  The Core Four (The O.C.)

“It seems like the Fantastic Four is becoming fantastic again.”

on 12 Apr about 1 week ago with 656N
the oc;  fantastic four;  

I know, it seems like a million years ago we dated, but it wasn’t. And okay, maybe you’re over it. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. Maybe it never did. But it meant a lot to me. You meant a lot to me. Still do.

on 9 Apr about 1 week ago with 1478N
ryan x marissa;  the oc;  

Ryan Atwood + The Distance

on 31 Mar about 2 weeks ago with 460N
oh that face;  ryan atwood;  the oc;  

"She gave me a smile. It was a beautiful smile."

on 30 Mar about 3 weeks ago with 1191N
bb;  marissa cooper;  the oc;  



on 18 Mar about 1 month ago with 501N
YEAH SO THIS NEEDS TO STOP;  THE EPISODES ARE ALMOST THE SAME TOO WOW;  OF COURSE MY OTPS ARE TRAGIC;  ryan x marissa;  otp: scott x allison;  the oc;  teen wolf;  

Thanks TV shows for breaking my heart the same way 8 years later. (RIP Marissa Cooper & Allison Argent)

on 18 Mar about 1 month ago with 2490N
EXACTLY WHAT I FIRST THOUGHT OF;  THANKS FOR NOTHING;  DSKAJFDLSJ CANT;  deal;  ryan x marissa;  otp: scott x allison;  teen wolf;  the oc;  

you don’t have to be blood to be family: Ryan Atwood & Seth Cohen

"It’s a good story, Ryan. It’s the tale of two young men who couldn’t be more different but they learn to overcome their differences. They team up and essentially become brothers, not unlike you and me. Except that I blew it. Ever since the day you got here you have totally had my back and I just - I promise you, from now on, I will never fail you again. I am so sorry."

on 9 Mar about 1 month ago with 1269N
love this;  brotp: ryan x seth;  the oc;  

get to know me : [5/5] favorite tv shows → the o.c.

"You guys ever wonder what life would be like if Atwood never came here?"

on 27 Feb about 1 month ago with 110N
someone needs to make HQ caps of this whole show;  the oc;  ryan atwood;  marissa cooper;  summer roberts;  seth cohen;  taylor townsend;  m*;  get to know me;  
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