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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH
on 19 Sep about 6 months ago with 1021N
lol the best;  ryan x seth;  the oc;  

FAVOURITE TV FRIENDSHIPS - Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood (The O.C)

Seth: At least I leave you funnier than when I found you.

Ryan: I’m a lot better off then when you found me.

Seth: Me too.

on 14 Jul about 9 months ago with 1696N
ugh love;  brotp: ryan x seth;  the oc;  ryan x seth;  

Seth makes fun of Ryan’s punching people ability.

on 23 Mar about 1 year ago with 5617N
ryan x seth;  the oc;  
The End’s Not Near, It’s Here.
on 24 Oct about 1 year ago with 369N
eww stop it;  the oc;  ryan x seth;  bawl;  

Top 10 Friendships (as voted by my followers)

9. Seth and Ryan (The OC)

“Dude, you’re a Cohen now. Welcome to a world of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.”

on 27 Jun about 1 year ago with 3206N
awe djslkajfdsajf;  miss it;  ryan x seth;  the oc;  
on 3 Jun about 1 year ago with 476N
cutest thing;  bro;  dslakjfds;  ryan x seth;  the oc;  
on 9 May about 1 year ago with 612N
MISS YOU BOYZZZ;  ryan x seth;  the oc;  
on 16 Mar about 2 years ago with 173N
sighh i love you guys;  ryan x seth;  ryan atwood;  seth cohen;  the oc;  
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