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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH

"Every time I close my eyes, I see him there, watching me"

on 24 Mar about 6 months ago with 252N
this storyline was amazing;  i just watchedd 405 and 405;  miss it so much;  peyton sawyer;  oth;  

"You’re my sons and I’ve failed you. I’m sorry for that, for so many other things. But I’m proud that each of you have become the kind of man that I could never be. You’re good men and you’re good b r o t h e r s. Don’t let the world change that.”

on 26 Dec about 2 years ago with 31N
love this dynamic;  miss it so much;  lucas x nathan x dan;  lucas scott;  chad michael murrray;  dan scott;  paul johannson;  nathan scott;  james lafferty;  one tree hill (3);  mine 3;  
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