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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH

Bethany, Sophia, & Shantel - OTH in LA

on 6 Jan about 2 years ago with 77N
so pretty;  bethany joy galeotti;  sophia bush;  shantel vansanten;  one tree hill;  oth in la;  mine 3;  

I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

on 4 Jan about 2 years ago with 116N
BAWL;  because i finished season 3 :'(;  ryan x marissa;  ryan atwood;  marissa cooper;  the oc;  mine 3;  

The Scott Family.

on 1 Jan about 2 years ago with 232N
perfect little family;  i just loved these little moments;  wish we got more;  better in season 9;  nathan x haley;  nathan scott;  haley james scott;  lydia bob scott;  omg i hate that her middle name is bob LOL;  james lucas scott;  james lafferty;  bethany joy galeotti;  jackson brundage;  one tree hill;  mine 3;  

30 Day TV Challenge l Day 14 - Your guilty pleasure show; Laguna Beach

on 1 Jan about 2 years ago with 68N
just love this show;  seen every episode a million times;  the hills is spiritually included as well;  laguna beach;  tv challenge;  mine 3;  

30 Day TV Challenge l Day 13 Favorite Male Character; Nathan Scott

I’ve walked into a hundred enemy gyms, thousands of fans screaming at me, taunting me. I never flinched. I just take it all and light ‘em up. No fear. But… The thought of being a father… scares the hell out of me.

on 29 Dec about 2 years ago with 146N
bb;  nathan scott;  james lafferty;  one tree hill;  tv challenge;  mine 3;  

Ten Gorgeous Men ➟ Matt Lanter

on 27 Dec about 2 years ago with 26N
these are taking me a while and they arent even good lmao;  slowly they will be completed;  ten gorgeous men;  matt lanter;  mine 3;  

"You’re my sons and I’ve failed you. I’m sorry for that, for so many other things. But I’m proud that each of you have become the kind of man that I could never be. You’re good men and you’re good b r o t h e r s. Don’t let the world change that.”

on 26 Dec about 2 years ago with 31N
love this dynamic;  miss it so much;  lucas x nathan x dan;  lucas scott;  chad michael murrray;  dan scott;  paul johannson;  nathan scott;  james lafferty;  one tree hill (3);  mine 3;  

& Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all of my followers :)

on 23 Dec about 2 years ago with 13N
feel free to reblog;  :');  merry christmas!;  happy holidays;  my posts;  mine 3;  
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