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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH

[ Favorite TV Casts ] ; Pretty Little Liars
"I’m really close with everybody. I’ve been really grateful and blessed to be with an amazing group of people. The personalities don’t clash at all — everybody’s really thoughtful and cool. We all remember each other’s birthdays, we try to hang out as much as we can. It’s so crazy, everyone shares common interests. We’re just like a big family. I feel like the girls are part of my family. It’s unbelievable."

on 12 Apr about 2 years ago with 206N
they are all just so pretty;  favorite tv casts;  pretty little liars;  troian bellisario;  lucy hale;  ashley benson;  shay mitchell;  keegan allen;  ian harding;  tyler blackburn;  julian morris;  mine 4;  

As you pass me by you’re an angel
With that body, got me crazy
Without even trying

on 11 Apr about 2 years ago with 44N
chord overstreet;  i for some reason like how this turned out;  i miss my chord obsession;  mine 4;  now that oth is over maybe ill jump back on the chord train;  these new pics of him are so cute;  wait lol jk oth will forever be my obsession;  

I can’t return to you
you must return to me ♪

on 11 Apr about 2 years ago with 120N
rewatching the series;  one tree hill;  lucas scott;  nathan scott;  haley james scott;  brooke davis;  peyton sawyer;  mine 4;  

[ Favorite TV Casts ] ; The OC
"And you know, frankly, I have had so many good days on this show; I loved going to work; I love the cast; I love this crew; I love our directors and every day on this set sure beats working in a coal mine”

on 11 Apr about 2 years ago with 235N
adam brody;  autumn reeser;  ben mckenzie;  favorite tv casts;  i say this about everything though;  mine 4;  mischa barton;  quote from mr peter gallagher;  rachel bilson;  sigh i need to rewatch this show;  the oc;  

Favorite Stills Per SeasonOne Tree Hill: The Final Season; Season 9

on 11 Apr about 2 years ago with 153N
BAWL.;  BUT REALLY.;  WHY WERENT THERE ANY NALEY STILLS;  YOU GUYSSS;  brooke davis;  dan scott;  deb scott;  haley james scott;  james lucas scott;  julian baker;  lucas scott;  mine 4;  nathan scott;  omg BAWWWLLL;  one tree hill;  sigh wow im sad that this is the last one i can do for oth;  favorite stills;  

[ Favorite TV Casts ] ; One Tree Hill
"As the years went on we fought and made up, we learned from each other, we got in trouble, we grew as actors, we grew as people, and we were given a ridiculous amount of grace by our crew and producers. […] In a strange way, an indirect way… I supposed we raised each other.””

on 10 Apr about 2 years ago with 858N
any excuse to make arts of these people;  lol;  more coming;  favorite tv casts;  chad michael murray;  james lafferty;  hilarie burton;  bethany joy lenz;  sophia bush;  one tree hill;  mine 4;  
on 10 Apr about 2 years ago with 64N
sigh;  brooke davis;  sophia bush;  one tree hill;  oth cap;  mine 4;  

30 Day TV Challenge l Day 21- Favorite Ship; Nathan & Haley Scott

"We don’t decide who we like. We just… It happens.”
on 10 Apr about 2 years ago with 170N
gah my bbs;  look at them now;  i just cant;  nathan scott;  haley james scott;  one tree hill;  nathan x haley;  tv challenge;  mine 4;  
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