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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH

A ➟ Z of James & JoyInterviews
“How did I get such good chemistry with Joy? … I think the chemistry just kind of evolved from the characters and just playing that role, believing in that role, and getting behind it 100% committing to it. I think it really has helped us both to grow as actors and play the roles well.”

on 30 Aug about 2 years ago with 107N
this was hard so i did interviews in general;  they are so pretty who cares :P;  james x joy;  JLs meme;  JLs;  james lafferty;  bethany joy lenz;  mine*;  

"When all my dreams come true, the one I want standing next to me - it’s you."

on 27 Aug about 2 years ago with 280N
this was requested;  here you go anon;  lucas x peyton;  lucas scott;  peyton sawyer;  one tree hill;  mine*;  
"Do you really think there is this one person in the entire planet that is right for you?"
"I do."
on 26 Aug about 2 years ago with 117N
look who finally made art!;  i miss them;  send me more things you'd like to see me make;  :);  brooke x lucas;  brooke davis;  lucas scott;  one tree hill;  mine*;  

52 l 100 Photos of James Lafferty (x)

on 25 Aug about 2 years ago with 51N
we got great outtakes;  too bad we didn't for all the seasons;  james lafferty;  100 photos;  mine*;  

A ➟ Z of James & JoyHilarie Burton
"People think James is shy, but James Lafferty is a gentleman. He doesn’t need to draw attention to himself, and he doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to anybody. I really appreciate that."
“Joy. Joy. I love her, man. She’s my best friend down here. But she lives on Joypiter.”

on 21 Aug about 2 years ago with 192N
H was hard;  but i love hilarie's relationship with them;  hilarie burton;  bethany joy lenz;  james lafferty;  hliarie x joy;  hilarie x james;  JLs meme;  jls;  james x joy;  mine*;  

51 l 100 Photos of James Lafferty (x)

on 18 Aug about 2 years ago with 34N
such a sexy tourist;  james lafferty;  100 photos;  mine*;  

top ‘hair porn’ caps; one tree hill

on 17 Aug about 2 years ago with 83N
if i spent more time looking i could have found more;  but its already so hard to pick;  and haley takes the cake for best hair dlskajfd;  one tree hill;  hair porn;  haley james scott;  brooke davis;  peyton sawyer;  request;  mine*;  

50 l 100 Photos of James Lafferty (x)

on 14 Aug about 2 years ago with 77N
your collarrrr <3;  james lafferty;  100 photos;  mine*;  
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