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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH


OTH Cast through the eyes of their Instagram accounts

thisisjameslafferty: Me, 27 years ago today. I wasn’t turning any heads back then. No sir.

on 20 Jul about 6 days ago with 331N
james lafferty;  

James Lafferty during Josh Hutcherson 2nd ‘Annual Celebrity Basketball Game’ on August 9th 2013

on 16 Jul about 1 week ago with 74N
HUSBAND;  james lafferty;  


Endless amount of One Tree Hill cast pictures

on 13 Jun about 1 month ago with 274N
drool;  james lafferty;  



→FIRST: bitchslutwhorethankyou
→SECOND: vansantens & kissyoulater
→THIRD: daniels-castellano (previously tarans-killam)
on 11 Jun about 1 month ago with 34N
awesome!! :);  congrats you guys;  james lafferty;  


What was the last thing you lost? Oh god… my house key. When I got back from Chicago. That was kind of a pain in the a–. We finally found it and we got some more made. I think I’ve lost about six house keys now.

on 8 Jun about 1 month ago with 513N
baby;  james lafferty;  
on 7 Jun about 1 month ago with 2037N
TVS BEST BLOOPER;  james lafferty;  


on 3 Jun about 1 month ago with 411N
james lafferty;  lovee;  
on 24 May about 2 months ago with 725N
dklsajf where the hell are these videos;  LOVE;  james lafferty;  robert buckley;  oth cast;  
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