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Goodnight, OTH

― Happy Easter to all of my followers! ―


70+ Icons; One Tree Hill Season 9 Finale

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on 8 Apr about 2 years ago with 17N
chris keller;  haley james scott;  hope you guys have a wonderful easter! and if you don't celebrate have a good day anyways;  i was going to wait to post this but since it's a holiday why not :P;  icons;  james lucas scott;  logan evans;  marvin mcfadden;  nathan scott;  one tree hill;  quinn james;  she's just too cute and she icons so well;  warning there is a LOT of joy lmao;  mine 4;  

35 Icons; One Tree Hill Season 9

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on 6 Apr about 2 years ago with 13N
anyone remember me on LJ back when i knew how to make icons;  yeah me either;  but really anyone have HQ finale caps let me know;  the ones ive been using arent too good;  enjoy!;  icons;  one tree hill;  nathan scott;  haley james scott;  lucas scott;  brooke davis;  quinn james;  clay evans;  logan evans;  james lucas scott;  lydia scott;  chris keller;  even threw in alex for kianna;  dskafjds;  mine 4;  

icons; new joy picture / naley rain scene
I suck at making icons, I know. But these were requested. So feel free to use!

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on 5 Apr about 2 years ago with 15N
feel free to request more;  bethany joy lenz;  nathan x haley;  one tree hill;  icons;  mine 4;  
― icons this way ! ―

So, I haven’t made icons in a lonnngggg time and I don’t think I plan on updating my LJ anymore :/ but a lot of people have been asking for icons, so I made some. I am open for icon requests and maybe if more people want icons, I will post small batches on here. Sorry if they suck, I cannot make icons anymore lol. Feel free to take/use!

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on 7 Aug about 3 years ago with 4N
icons;  miley cyrus;  jonas brothers;  demi lovato;  selena gomez;  mine 3;  
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