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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH

Tyler Hoechlin leaving his NYC hotel on Tuesday.

on 13 Feb about 2 months ago with 3215N
tyler hoechlin;  gorgeous;  
on 12 Dec about 4 months ago with 81846N
gorgeous;  lights;  christmas;  
on 7 Sep about 7 months ago with 246N
gorgeous;  chace crawford;  
on 8 Aug about 8 months ago with 115N
gorgeous;  taylor kitsch;  


on 25 Jul about 9 months ago with 1437N
bethany joy lenz;  gorgeous;  

Aria Montgomery + rolling eyes

on 19 Jun about 10 months ago with 2556N
gorgeous;  aria montgomery;  pll;  

chuck/blair  | seasons 1-6

on 5 Jun about 10 months ago with 1085N
gorgeous;  chuck x blair;  gossip girl;  


nian alphabetcoachella

on 5 Jun about 10 months ago with 401N
ian x nina;  gorgeous;  
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