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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH


OTH Cast through the eyes of their Instagram accounts

Bethany Joy Lenz: Actor, Feminist, Musician, Mother, Writer, Friend, Lover, Vintage Addict, Food & Wine Enthusiast and just as confused about life as everyone else. http://www.bethanyjoy.com

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Fangirl Challenge  
(3/10) Actresses
☛ Bethany Joy Lenz
"I love singing. Getting on stage… it’s like reaching in to the bottom of my soul and bringing it right up. I love it. "

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Bethany Joy Lenz: Stoneface opening at Pasadena PlayHouse.

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The beautiful miss Bethany Joy Lenz (x).

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One Tree Hill Bloopers - Season 5 | Bethany Joy Lenz

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