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"Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Goodnight, OTH


#this is kind of one of those scenes that just flows under the radar #but it actually so heartbreaking when you really listen to what marissa’s saying #she’s still as much in love with him as she ever was but she holds it back and just lets ryan go #she lets him be with lindsay she doesn’t get in the way hell she made a fucking massive effort to be friends with her #and oh my god these two are so heartbreaking together #because she means a lot to ryan too #and it’s tragic that he can’t tell her that #and she’s so different she lets all her emotions show #and i honestly think rather than dragging ryan down marissa pushes ryan to grow #she makes him confront those emotions #and she doesn’t do it like taylor by trying to get him drunk or shit #no manipulations just quite support #these two fucked up people are so beautiful together 

on 6 May about 2 years ago with 553N
THIS SCENE KILLED ME;  ugh i cannot wait to rewatch this show;  after i finish tvd;  ;);  the oc;  ryan x marissa;  
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